Class 'app\models\Article' not found


i have a advanced yii app. i have common models to use in both frontend and backend. in localhost everything is ok. i created model file in common directory of yii. when i wanna use model i call it with "use commmon\models\Article" and it works ok in every page but site/index. when i try to list all articles in backend site/index i got an error like this:

PHP Fatal Error – yii\base\ErrorException

Class 'app\models\Article' not found

i’ve already added use common\models\Article code to site/index.php but it still says Article model not found. as i said before i get this error only on site/index.php file. i can list all articles in any other view files.

any idea? here is my code

<?php use common\models\article ; ?>

<div class="panel panel-info">

	<div class="panel-heading"><h2>Articles</h2></div>

	<div class="panel-body">

		<?php $articles = Article::find()->all();

		echo '<table class="table">';

		foreach ($articles as $ur )


			echo '<tr style="cursor:pointer"><td>'. $ur->id . '</td><td>'. $ur->isim . '</td></tr>';


		echo '</table>'; ?>




My guess is case-sensitive issue.

<?php use common\models\article ; ?>

use <?php use common\models\Article ; ?> instead

it works thanks man. nut i could not understand why it runs under localhost bu fails in server?


I guess your localhost is Windows and your Server is Linux? …

If yes:

In Linux the code is case sensitive in Windows not.


yup. it’s usually the case :)