CKeditor ajax loading


I need to dynamically load the editor ckeditor.

I have my own widget, where i define ckeditor widget:

class MyWidget extends CJuiWidget


public function init()


            $this->widget('application.extensions.ckeditor.ECKEditor', array(










Those widgets are loaded when the page loads operate normally. Those widgets that I want to load dynamically via ayah ur not charged functional of ckeditor.

Here is the problem:

Editor files are located in the<folder>

initially loaded file ckeditor.js which defines a variable CKEDITOR_BASEPATH, which is used to connect other js and css files.

For some reason when dynamically loading a script does not see the assets folder and can’t include the other scripts and css.

I try to define CKEDITOR.basePath variable manually, but this does not work.

am facing the same issue…

hi friends,

I am also facing same issue, but I found alternate way is to define window.CKEDITOR_BASEPATH = ‘/’ in ckeditor.js

so it will access root directory of project now make availabel required js and plugins over there.

I will be thankful for any other proper way for the same.

I remember a floor of day suffered and failed to do :(