Hi -

I’m new to Yii framework, does anyone have a tutorial that I can read on how to create custom tabs using Yii, rather than just making HTML/JQuery (which I can do fine already)?

I want to be able use Yii’s menuing system to create 4 tabs at the top of my application. When the user clicks on a tab, it will load a new page of the application and show 4 horizontal sub-menu options underneath the now highlighted tab. Example:

Tab 1

Tab 2

Tab 3

Tab 4

User clicks Tab 1

Tab 1 (Highlighted now)

Sub-Menu Link 1

Sub-Menu Link 2

Sub-Menu Link 3

Tab 2

Tab 3

Tab 4

Anyone have any good urls or examples that I can learn from on this?



Hi! Do you found any good example? I found this one: Yii Playground