CJuiTabs with form edit timeout

Well i’ve got a problem with a CJuiTabs with a form on a tab.

At the time the tab is activated it will show the form but the form elements are not editable for 15 seconds.

firebug shows me that after 15s the js: ‘jquery.yiiactiveform.js’ is loaded.

at that time i can edit the form.

Anybody an idea why this form is locked?

The view:

$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiTabs', array(



          'Preloaded Tab'=>'Preloaded content for this tab',



      // additional javascript options for the tabs plugin






The controller code:


update if I use Internet Explorer and click on the financial tab it only displays the form content after the 15 seconds <_<

It probably is a kind of a server problem, tested with the same source on another server (my own server) and it worked as it should work.

Firebug shows that the jquery.yiiactiveform.js is loaded immediate after the click on the tab and not after 15 secs… very strange!

Well I still didn’t found the solution, but…

I thought it could be the mod_security module on the server, so I had contact with the hosting company.

They obviously changed something since it’s working now, I’m happy but I hope they will let me know what they’ve done…