Cjuitabs Tab Selection Event - Set Session Var

Hi guys,

I’m pretty new to Yii but have been making reasonable progress until now…

Two parts of the same issue really;

  1. I have a cjuitab widget in a renderpartial and I wouuld like to set a session variable (pass the tab id which I have uniquely specified) when each tab is selected.

  2. I have a listview in a separate renderpartial on the same page, and I would like an ajax link contained in this listview to access the updated session var. But I’m not sure if this is the best approach as once the listview is rendered, it will only ‘see’ the old version of the session variable anyway - Is that correct?

On the face of it this seemed like it should be simple to achieve but I’ve been searching and trying for hours with no luck, maybe I need more coffee!

Any help massively appreciated, thanks.

I have similar issue before, see my note here, hope it can bring some ideas to you.


I was not using cjuitab, I just use ctabview, but you still can use session data to save your current active tab as well.

Cheers Johnny, I’ve decided to use a different approach for this now but the info is handy for future :)