Cjuitabs Not Working Fine

Hi, I’m new to Yii.

I was just trying to use CJuiTabs Widget that I got a problem.

I have two different tabs each load a unique form from a separate page.

the problem is that contents are loading properly but the CJuiTabs shows the contents of both tabs at the same time. anybody know what’s wrong with my code?


$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiTabs', array(


        'Invite a Partner'=> array('content'=>$this->renderPartial('invite',null,true), 'id'=>'invitePerson'),

        'Edit Profile'=> array('content'=>$this->renderPartial('update',array('id'=>$model->UID),true) , 'id'=>'editProfile'),







        'style'=>'width:500px; '




I just solved the problem by adding this line of code to my jquery-ui.css

.ui-tabs .ui-tabs-hide{ display: none !important;}

Hi noushin, welcome tou Yii framework!

What do you mean with "at the same time"?

is the content in seperated tab with properly way? or something wrong?

Ok, I just now get your answer :)