Cjuitabs Need Help With Tooltips On Tabs

Hello All!

Im using CJuiTabs for one of my views… everything works fine accept one thing - when I’m doing a mouse over on the tab, it displays a tooltip with tab ID. Is it possible to get rid of that tooltip? Or at least change it to something more useful?


I would love a solution for this if anyone has one.

This will remove all ‘default’ jquery ui tooltips:

$(document).tooltip({ disabled: true });

Obviously you can refine the selector - if required.

Check out tooltip.

Just change headerTemplate for tabs.




    	'StaticTab 1'=>'Content for tab 1',

    	'StaticTab 2'=>array('content'=>'Content for tab 2', 'id'=>'tab2'),

    	// panel 3 contains the content rendered by a partial view




	'headerTemplate' => '<li><a href="{url}" title="{title}">{title}</a></li>';






Bang on target… Perfect Answer. Saved alot of time… Thanks ;)