Cjuitabs Data


I am using CJuiTabs but do not want to have excessive markup between the ‘’


    'Overview'=>'<p>DO NOT WANT EXCESSIVE MARK UP HERE<p>',


    'User Authentication'=>'',



So my question is, how can I include the markup from an external file?

Thanks in advance!

You can use renderPartial with the 3rd parameter set to true.


    'Overview'=>$this->renderPartial('_overView', array(), true),




Thanks for the response. I did come across the renderPartial but could not get it to work, but your post helped me.

For the benefit of others who might come across this post here is what I did exactly…

i created the file _overview.php and placed it in my protected/views directory.

And then my line looked like this in the tabs array

'Overview'=>$this->renderPartial('//_overview', array(), true),

The two slashes refer to the views root folder.