Cjuitabs conflict with CSS DIV float left


I met a problem when I employed Cjuitabs to display a couple of images. I want to put [b]4 images in a line.[/b] 

Every picture is pushed into an DIV. The attribute of the DIV is:[b] float left[/b].  So I could display 4 images in a line.

However, Cjuitabs conflict with this attribute. The border of the Cjuitabs does not include these images. 

If I remove DIVs and leave images alone, Cjuitabs become OK. I could display only [b]one  image in a line[/b].

Have anyone met this problem?

depending on the conflict… you need to check the CSS of the CJuiTab to make it work…

If the DIVs are the problem… you can remove them… and float left the images inside that CJuiTab


  1. I checked main.css and could not find CSS for CJuitabs. I checked source code and found that CJuiTabs used yw_tab_0. However I could not find this DIV. Could you tell where is this DIV located?

  2. How to float images inside CJuiTab? Is there any attribute that I could set?