Cjuisliderinput Doesn't Seem To Initiate The Value Correctly


I am using the following code :

<?php $this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiSliderInput', array(










		)); ?>

This generates the following :

jQuery('#Campaign_weight_slider').slider({'max':'100','min':'0','value':'2','slide':function(event, ui) { jQuery('#Campaign_weight').val(ui.value); }});

If the weight value is zero or one, there is no issue, but as soon as it gets to 2 or more (up to 100), the slider doesn’t show the correct value (the cursor is on the max value. In the CSS, there is the style=“left:100%;” on the slider).

Do you have any idea how this could happen ? It seems weird to me as the javascript generated seems to be correct.

Thank you

Finally, I have been able to solve the issue, by testing many things.

The issue was the quotes around 0 and 100, the min and max values. I removed them and it is fine !