CJuiDateTimePicker not changed after editing text field


I am trying to use CJuiDateTimePicker and having the problem with editing text field directly. After I set the values in CJuiDateTimePicker it affects the text field but not vice-versa. If I focus into the text field and change for example datetime

2012-06-07 01:48


2010-06-07 01:48

the year should be selected also in the picker.

Maybe I have sth wrong in code (I am newbie).

Here is a snippet from my view:

<div class="row">

		<?php echo $form->labelEx($model->solutionSpentTimes,'datetime_from'); ?>

                <?php Yii::import('application.extensions.CJuiDateTimePicker.CJuiDateTimePicker');


                        'model'=>$model->solutionSpentTimes, //Model object

                        'attribute'=>'datetime_from', //attribute name

                        'mode'=>'datetime', //use "time","date" or "datetime" (default)

                        'language' => '',








                            'separator'=>' ',


                        'htmlOptions' => array(

                            'style' => 'width:180px;',





Thanks in advance.