CJuiDateTimePicker Hide Past DateTime


How to hide Past Date and time using CJuiDateTimePicker extension,



            'model'=&gt;&#036;model, //Model object

            'attribute'=&gt;'from_date', //attribute name

            'mode'=&gt;'datetime', //use &quot;time&quot;,&quot;date&quot; or &quot;datetime&quot; (default)

            'options'=&gt;array(&quot;dateFormat&quot;=&gt;'yy/mm/dd', 'yearRange' =&gt; '-70:+0',

                                        'changeYear' =&gt; 'true',

                                        'changeMonth' =&gt; 'true',

                                        'maxlength' =&gt; '10',

										'minDate' =&gt; 0,), // jquery plugin options

            'language' =&gt; '',



Below Coding Working fine for to hide past date,I cant hide Past time.

For example,

Present Date : Today time is 10’0 clock means In date time picker User can’t Select 9’0 clock.

Hi Geethasj.

I think that only you should configure your field date in the BD like Timestamp. this way you can save the date according to the date that has the server.

with this way you should control time.