CJuiDatePicker size

I’m using the CJuiDatePicker, but the widget looks twice the size of the original datepicker from jQuery UI.

I believe it’s due to the use of “em” in the css (instead of “px”), so the size of text, widths, line heights etc are all relative.

My question: Is there a quick way to define the size of the em just for the CJuiDatePicker?

Is there anyone who can help?

What I got with the CJuiDatePicker widget (using Redmond theme) is shown in the attached datepicker-big.png.

I would like it to look like datepicker-small.png, which is the original size shown in the jQuery UI datepicker demo. See:


Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Fixed it!

… by adding the following to my main.css:

[font="Courier New"]#ui-datepicker-div {



If anyone knows of a better hack, please let me know.

This is what I did too.