CJuiDatepicker "language" property failed!


Yii reference says:

"language property

public string $language;

the locale ID (e.g. ‘fr’, ‘de’) for the language to be used by the date picker. If this property is not set, I18N will not be involved. That is, the date picker will show in English."

When I leave this property blank, the langauage is English, and when i set other value (‘ru’, ‘de’, ‘fr’), it becomes Chinese!!!

This strange behavior appeared, when I upgrade from Yii 1.1.4 to Yii 1.1.5.

Help! =)


I’ve put online this example of inline calendar:


and I’m seeing it in Chinese even if I didn’t set the language parameter, while the docs says:


I’m using v. 1.1.5 too, and I’ve deleted all folders under assets/



I recommend filling an issue so we’ll not forget to fix it: http://code.google.com/p/yii/issues/entry


just one thing is not clear to me about this one; dreamsrogue wroge:

while for me it is exactly the opposite: if I set the property to “fr” or “it” and so on it works, but if I don’t set it or leave it blank I get it in Chinese… ::)



Just created a ticket so we don’t miss this.

The problem is in file "framework/web/js/source/jquery.js" (or jquery.min.js)

This happens when I upgrade from JQuery 1.4.2 to JQuery 1.4.4!

I’ve tested in Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera (Linux Ubuntu 9.10)