Cjuidatepicker - Event On Change Month Or Year

Hello !

I need help for a little problem…

I want launch a JS script if user change Month or Year with CJuiDatePicker.

I’ve try with “onChange”, “onSelecte” but we don’t work :(

I want juste if user change Month (with top arrow), a js Fonction is launched (same for year)

Thank you very much for the opportunity to address on my post ! :D






        'flat' => true, // tells the widget to show the calendar inline

        'htmlOptions'=> array(

          'style' => 'margin : 0 auto; width: 200px;float:left',


        'options' => array(

          'dateFormat' => 'y-m',

          'showOtherMonths' => 'true',

          'selectOtherMonths' => 'true',




You can use event "onChangeMonthYear" in options of CJuiDatePicker.