CJuiDatePicker + CJuiDialog

Please Help,

It pretty easy to change standard date field that created by Gii on _form.php become CJuiDatePicker… it is available on yii-docs. But I really dont like the create link to open and hide _form.php, so i want to change it to CJuiDialog and the code appear like this.

<!-- This is CJUiDialog -->



   array(   'id'=&gt;'create_dialog',

            // additional javascript options for the dialog plugin







$this->renderPartial(’_form1’, array(‘model’=>$model));



and the link from this

CHtml::link(‘Add New’,’#’,array(‘class’=>‘search-button’)


CHtml::link(‘Add New Dialog Style’, ‘’,array(‘onclick’=>’$("#create_dialog").dialog(“open”); return false;’,))

For Saving the Data … no trouble at all but the CJuiDatePicker it doesn’t work now… i dont know why.

anybody know?

Sometime there are problems with id.

Try giving a unique id to the datepicker, it sometimes solve the problem.

Ow… I got the answer… I render the same form twice from the original link and modal style… when I remove the original, it work now… thx zaccaria…

I have the same problem like this. how do I fix this?

I have the same problem, how did u solve this?


Hey Reza. You should post your code.