CJuiAutoComplete has no extraParams?

I’m looking to send some extra parameters form my form along with the autocomplete. So the data sent isn’t just based on the text typed but a previously set value also.

I notice the old CAutoComplete has an “extraParams” field but CJuiAutoComplete doesn’t.

Is there a new way of doing this or does anyone know of a way to do it?

I basically want to append extra data form other fields to the backend search.

this can be a starting point

in the view


echo CHtml::dropDownList('dr',null,array('se', 'sel2', 'Item3'));

$this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiAutoComplete', array(






					source : 'http://localhost/kmcms/site/autocomplete?newparam=' + $('#dr :selected').text()








in the site controller

public function actionAutoComplete(){

$newparam = CHttpRequest::getParam('newparam',null);

//...do the rest



THANKS, SCOOB.JUNIOR. Your solution has solved me many headaches!!! thanks!