I’m now studying widgets!:D

I’m starting with CJuiAccordion, which is perfect for my side nav-menu. This nav will be the same all through out the web site regardless of the current controller or module. My first question is: where should I put this file so that I don’t have to put this accordion in every layout, and so I only have to update only a single file when necessary?

Second question is, how is themeUrl and theme properties used with this particular widget? If you have a solution for my first question, would you be kind enough to teach me how to put its theme? Because what’s happening now is, since it is located in every layout, the theme of my accordion is adjusting with the model’s theme. Definitely I will choose a universal theme for the web app, but I still would like to know how to make the side menu accordion’s theme different with the content’s theme…I don’t know when it might come in handy ;)

never mind this concern, I got this covered :)

Why not share you code to show how you solved the issue?