Cjuiaccordion Inside Cjuitabs Not Display The Content Of A Panel Accordion When Change

With the following code


$contentTab = array();

foreach ($grupos as $grupo) {

	$contentTab[$grupo->descripcion] = array(


		'content'=>$this->renderPartial('_grupoTab', array('idcontacto'=>$model->id, 'idgrupo'=>$grupo->id), true, true),



$tabs = $this->widget('zii.widgets.jui.CJuiTabs',









$criteria = new CDbCriteria();

	$criteria->compare('idgrupo', $idgrupo);

	$criteria->order = 'orden';

	$propiedadesporGrupo = Propiedad::model()->findAll($criteria);

	$contentAccordion = array();

	foreach ($propiedadesporGrupo as $propiedad){

		$contentAccordion[$propiedad->descripcion] = $this->renderPartial('_grupoAccordion', array('idcontacto'=>$idcontacto, 'idgrupo'=>$idgrupo, 'idpropiedad'=>$propiedad->id), true, true);








				'activate'=>'js:function(event, ui){

					console.log("activate::id: "+ui.newPanel.attr("id"));







// a CGridView and CActiveForm


This will generate three tabs Panel.

The first generates a 2-panel accordion

The second generates a 4-panel accordion

The third, generates a 2-panel accordion.

And the amount of tabsPanels and accordionPanels, is loaded from the database.

In the third TabPanel, the accordion works correctly, not so in the first and second TabPanel.

The malfunction is the following

When displaying the TabPanel, by default, the first is shown.

When I click to some other hides the visible, but does not show the content area that I just clicked.

Looking at console output activate event I see the following behavior

When active in the third TabPanel, the activate method is called once

If active in the second TabPanel, the activate method is called 3 times

If active accordionPane _ in the first tabpanel, the activate method is called 7 times

The pattern that I find for that amount of calls is as follows.

In the first TabPanel

4 accordion panel (in the second TabPanel) + 2 accordion panel (in the third TabPanel) + 1 = 7 call

The second tab panel

2 accordion panel (in the third TabPanel) + 1 = 3 calls

Thanks and Sorry for my English

In both script view.php and _grupoTab.php the last parameter of renderPartial call must be false

Otherwise, in each iteration of foreach in the respective files, reprocess the output and create a accordionPanel created earlier