Cjson::encode Problem, Need Help

Hi All,

I have encounter an problem. The jquery return CJSON::encode will return NULL value, all my content i return was no problem until i have store and thai text ป๊อปปูล่าคอนโดมิเนี, not all the thai text encounter this error but only this word have the problem and this problem will cause the CJSON::encode return NULL, below is my code for json encode. I try to echo this word in my controller and it show like this ป๊อปปูล่าค�. I try to each my render view, it still got text html tag and this thai words, just become null when doing encode. Can anyone give me some solution for this problem?


echo CJSON::encode(array(

        'content' =&gt; &#036;this-&gt;renderPartial('changePassword', array('secretQuestion' =&gt; &#036;secretQuestion), true, true),



As I kmow, json has porblem with specific language, for example Russian and Ukraine also

You must use utf-8, check your code.

Google to help :)