Cjax Framework For Yiiframework

I’d like to introduce Cjax Ajax Framework for YiiFramework

Cjax is a small lightweight Ajax Framework with MVC principles that integrates into Yii Framework and other MVC PHP Frameworks. There is a popular version for CodeIgnater (look up Cjax on google) also has been introduced for ZendFramework.

Cjax is a simple but powerful lightweight OOP Ajax Engine with more than 15 releases in the past 5 months, the project is 6 years old, and is on the stable development stage.

It comes with nearly 40 Demos/Samples which are downloadable through the project site.

Basically this Component allow you to focus more time on getting things done on the back-end and spend less time on cumbersome client operations.

allows to upload files through ajax with 1 line of code, submit ajax forms with 1 line of code, show overlay lightboxes 1 line of code, and other 20+ ajax operations most with 1 line of code!.

The only difference with Yii controllers is that the actions don’t start with the ‘action’ keyword, and controllers classes use generic names.

The integration itself to fully operate seemless with Yii Controllers hasn’t been done yet, since this is a process that takes some time get full seemless integration, but there is a generic version which works on all frameworks alike, I am hopping to come up with a specific version for YiiFranework (like the CodeIgnater version), if you are very familiar with Yii Framework and play around with Cjax A bit, I am sure you could bring up a solid integration in a very short time, if you are interested, please do that and let me know.

Cjax integrates nicely with Jquery, Jquery plugins, and any other Javascript Library or Framework, but requires none.

Cjax has built in support for all your MVC needs, (Request Handler, Routing, Auth routing, your app plugins routing, etc.) but all oriented toward Ajax accessibility.

Cjax API is very simplistic, and is all you need to know to be able to Cjax it, there is no configuration, pretty much plug and play.

There is documentation available, demos-samples, API, plugins, and I am here to answer any questions related, please do try it and let me know how it goes.

Hi AjaxBoy,

How to integrate Cajax in Yii.