(Cineklik.com) Movie Guide For Local Cinemas

Hello I’m Junior PHP Developer and I used Yii to build great application… The best thing I like it’s MVC… it’s not easy like CMS but in the end this is a perfect way to build great applications…

I build Movie Guide for Local cinemas (Cineklik.com) it’s first big project I have Build from A-Z, and I have focused in Front-end side because it’s really important to improve site performance and site look…

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Main Page:


Movie Guide for Lebanon s Cinemas - Cineklik.jpg

Admin Page:



Hi Anas, that’s a really nicely designed website. Congratulations.

Can you share with us what Yii extensions you used, please? I’m personally curious and eager to know / learn.

PS Eid Mubarak :)

nice design site :lol:

congrats !

Eid Mubarak for you :)

Mostly I have used Yii classes and jQuery and sometimes pure php and some php library… here is:


Edeed - RSS Feeds

eclientscript - minify css & javascript

esitemap - sitemap


PHP Img Preview - images preview generator.

Text - text preview (ask me to explain how to use)

tylerhall - Imdb api

Thank you Anas for your kind answers!