- meta search engine for Movies

A search engine for Movies ideally for power users… is online now! (as Beta Version)

Search and Bookmark Over of 400.000 Movies, 700.000 Actors, 200.000 Directors & Writers and 70.000 Film Companies all over the World and all of the times since 1900… until 2025

And what about Filters? There are a lots… combine include,require,exclude as many Genres and Country Production you Want!
Combine all of them with other Filter like Year region, runtime, matching with actors, characters and persons…

Search not only for Movies but also for Celebrated and Production Persons and their work. Also search all above throught image-scenes! is in beta version now, after of 2 years work… but we have a lot of work to make it better and better, we are just in the beginning and we are keep going!

I am proud for Yii2!

Thanks the Yii community, especially the Yii Core Developers :slight_smile:

P.S. Feel free to send us views, criticals and suggestions improvements, your feedback is valuable for us :slight_smile:

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  1. How to you get scores? What’s the source? Can I trust these?
  2. From the “scenes” I want to find a movie where I remember was a scene of “bridge falling down”. For the search it gives me tons of irrelevant information. The closest match is “bridge of spies” which is far from being what I searched for.
  3. What’s the source for movies? For example, it lacks many actors/movies such as

Hi Alexander!

  1. info reveiced from tmdb org, so the score for each movie/scene/person is a combination of tmdb and our users voting system

  2. You are absolute right! Searching through images-scenes is based on movies description and not on image description, website has no info for each scene by itself except the movie that belong. This feature will be included in the future via AI image analisys. At this time the search via images exists to find out your movies through their images (A picture is worth a thousand words)

  3. About tmdb org API. In which way you searched actors ? Did you first select actors section ?
    The mentioned actor is on the first result

  1. I’d suggest stating that in the about page of the website with details. The most popular movie project in Russia,, got popular because it was clean on how the ratings are built.
  2. Now it is alright about that particular actor. Wasn’t giving any results before. He’s not US but USSR btw.
  3. Stars from one to five aren’t precise enough. Gradations as you have are both too precise when setting them and not too precise when viewing them. Consider numbers line 7.8.
  4. You can boost your user base by adding People are lazy and they’ll happily reuse social network logins.