Ciims 1.8(B) - More Than Just A Blogging Platform

For the past couple of months I’ve been working on making my free and open source blogging and CMS platform that I’ve been working on more functional and more exciting.

What is CiiMS?

CiiMS is a high performance CMS blogging platform designed to be easy to use, fun to work with, and easy to develop with. CiiMS is fast, powerful, extendable, and flexible, and is optimized to run with a combination of tools such as Memcache, Redis, APC, and Sphinx - but can run in other configurations. The intent is to have a easy to use CMS platform that runs on Yii that is fast, user friendly, easy to use, and efficient.

Screenshots, and a explanation of all the new features can be found on my blog Main Announcement.

Code can be found in the Github Repository (latest stuff is on the develop branch)

I also have a Demo of all the new features. The demo is reset every hour or so - feel free to play around and see it in action. Feel free to add dashboard cards, or view a list of available cards. (There are only 2 presently)

Take a look and and tell me what you think!

[color="#1C2837"][size="2"]You may use the following credentials to login and manage the site.[/size][/color]


[size="2"][color="#1c2837"]Password: admin[/color][/size]

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[size="2"] [/size]


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CiiMS 1.8 is now available.

You can find out more details at my blog. If you want to download the release, you can find it at:

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impressive work and clean design (I mainly tested the backend)

(How can I add dashboard cards ?)



Hi Raoul,

To add a dashboard card, find a card on Gituhb (a list can be found here, grab the user/repo from the url of the card, and paste that into the card management section of the dashboard. Once the card is installed you should see it pop up in the list of installed cards.

Then head over to the dashboard and click on the adds card button and select the card you want. There’s still a couple of javascript quirks, so sometimes the card doesn’t load right away once it’s added. Refreshing the page usually fixes it.

Good ~~~@ oil :D


Sure thing boss: A demo of CiiMS can be found at:


Admin Panel:

You may use the following credentials to login and manage the site.


Pasword: admin

i have a problem in installation step migrate, Not Found

"The requested URL /home/user/public_html/ciims/index.php was not found on this server."

what the solutions ?

Please open an issue on Github with details about your server/configuration. Without knowing more about your configuration, my guess is that there is a rewrite issue or the index file is not present.


Nice… but it doesn’t work in Firefox (I sent a bug report on Github).

Very nice looking, but after playing around with it for a while, I got this error 500 message:

Theme and its behaviors do not have a method or closure named "getContentTags".


I’m glad you think it looks good!

I actually noticed the same thing last night ( and pushed out a fix, but it looks like I had a bad deploy to the demo site. That issue in particular has been corrected as of 8am CST.

CiiMS 1.8 is now available.

You can find out more details at my blog. If you want to download the release, you can find it at:

i using Ciims 1.9.0 in ubuntu 12.04

how to resolve this ? 5525


after i fill database credentials

please help, thank you

I replied to the Github issue you opened ( It looks like your Apache config isn’t setup to allow the .htaccess file to work. Make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled, and that your config has AllowOverride enabled.


yes i was configured apache, and it was work thank you very much

nice work

Hi guys been a fan of Ciims, but sadly according to the site, the author had to pull the plug, right now i build a lot of Yii2 applications mostly content management, but i find myself using Processwire for clients, and this is weird for me as i lose all the cool parts from PHP, proper namespacing and features that Yii provides, currently the only option for CMS is Easyii CMS which doesn’t suit my need, Yii2-advanced is amazing but too complicated for clients, what are the legal implications if i fork CiiMS and port to Yii2 and build on that ?

What? According to whom? That’s just factually incorrect.

Per both my blog post and the post on, the only thing that was discontinued was a CiiMS based hosting service I was offering that failed to meet my target revenue goals. The relevant snippet it outlined below.

CiiMS still receives both maintenance and security fixes as necessary, however from my perspective it is feature complete. It both satisfies my needs and goals as a platform and has had no new feature requests in the past 6+ months. If a new feature comes along that I find compelling reason to personally add to CiiMS myself I’m still open to that.

I’ve posted my reasoning why I am not porting CiiMS to Yii2 elsewhere, but I’ll provide them here as well. Yii2 provides no compelling reason to get rid of years of development work - especially since CiiMS was overhauled to version 2.0 shortly before Yii2 was released. I have neither the time, nor the expenses necessary to make a straight port, or a Yii2 equivalent happen. That’s not to say I won’t ever do it in the future, but right now I’m not able to.

In terms of licensing, CiiMS2 is licensed in the BSD-3-Clause license. So long as you follow the terms outlined in the license file, you’re welcome to fork it and do whatever you want with it. I would encourage you to not use the CiiMS name or brand to avoid customer confusion, as that specifically refers to this product.

I was referring to service and not the project itself, sorry about the poor choices of words. Thanks for the response.

I only took a quick look but did not see the article when I used the link above. is it in the forums or the online magazine? what month ? thank you,