ci to yii

any tutorial to move from ci to yii ?

i have read the documentation, cookbook, done the blog tutorial but is far from making me understand the features of yii

any clear example of every feature or any clear documentation like the ci user guide ( ?

I were a user of CI before I moved too YII.

These frameworks use both the MVC patern so it is easy to understand how YII work (controllers etc).Also Yii has some better things as AR,better form validation,crud creation etc, maybe there are not some CI helpers.

I thing the best after reading carefully the blog tutorial and the documentation is to make a simple site (a dynamic with categories and articles for example) by yourself, I did that and I undestand a lot of things, the next is maybe to add a simple shopping class (like maybe) to this site.

The demo site were this http://www.athensche…

I too moved across to Yii from CI. 

I used CI for about 6 months and created two full sites in it.  I appreciated the documentation, and the gentle introduction to MVC, that came with CI.  At first I thought Yii was confusing, and it took me a while to get comfortable with the command line tools.

The Definitive Guide is excellent - it covers all of the main features and is very well written.  I would do the blog tutorial, then read the definitive guide in full to understand what you have just done.  A lot of things will click into place.

After that, just get stuck in to making something in Yii.  I haven't looked back.


I were a user of CI before I moved too YII.

I was a user of CI as well. I made the same application using CI, cheetan and Yii. FYI, in terms of the same action for update function that I have compared, the lines of the application is 49 lines for CI and 13 lines for Yii. Yii is so efficient.


The demo site were this

Are you using my calendar widget? If so, thanks for using.

maybe i wasn't clear enough.

i understand what dose yii better and that is a good framework (why should i try to learn it if not)

my problem is that i learn a lot faster from examples and i need a clear presentation of how to use the basic stuff.

where to place controllers,views,models what's the anatomy of a controller,view,widget,helper,component and how they interact with each other

any other screencasts like the blog one ?

or any tutorials on the internet ? (i know how to use google but to my shame i didn't find anything usefull, only benchmarks and crap like that)

i don't care if is faster or slower compared to any other framework all i care about is good documentation, development times and if is easy to use.

please people feeal free to post u'r small things (source code, that u guys maybe don't find interesting anymore) developed with yii so others may learn

thanks for responding

I too have spent quite a bit of time with CI but Yii looks so impressive and obviously development is very active.

I think that Yii will make me a better programmer because it is oop,  I think there are some things in CI that are a little odd from a php5 standpoint.

I'm looking forward to being more active on this forum