Church Management System

Catholic-MIS is web-based software designed to manage all aspects of roman catholic church operations. This unique tool consists of various modules,you can access it on



please don’t hersitate to comment on it…

Sounds Like Made in Tanzania. Have you used hbi username somehwere?

Why are those information there before login? if they are public then viewing them should be public and if private then just hid them until user logs in!


Sorry i hava resolve that error you can try to login again!!

yes am in tanzania!!

Sorry what do you mean by a hbi username??

Sorry nimechanganya na jamaa mwingine!

Now I can see the menu even if logged in.

I suggest in Controller::beforeAction you check for login

Something like this (untested)

public function beforeAction($action) {


   if(Yii::app()->user->isGuest && $action->id!='login'))



Looking for a "theme" like this for an applicaition I want to develop. Would you mind sharing the theme?

Yes ofcourse a can share with you,but is custom made

How did you make that datepicker? I have difficulty inserting one in my form :)

can you sent me your email so that i can send it to you

how did you made this cool menu on the left?

Cannot open the link. Is it still active?

you can upen the link i have activated again,and a lot of improvement are comming,stay in touch

Why out side of admin all information show, it can’t useful.only show login.