CHttpSession and timeout


We’ve seen in many cases where Yii or something else is ignoring the CHttpSession.timeout property, it defaults to 1440 seconds which should be

24 minutes however our users seems to randomly being logged out from time to time in about 5 minutes instead.

I haven’t been able to confirm this yet however it seems that sometimes when i get a CDbException i automatically log out but this is not the

common case for our users. If the user has filled in the "Remember me" button it works fine, he never logs out randomly.

We do not modify the session component in any way, the only thing we’ve done is that we have changed the keyprefix for our CWebUser.

Using the latest (1.1.2) framework. Also running Debian lenny which ignores the gc_probability in php.ini and uses gc_maxlifetime (also @ 1440s) in a cron job.

Any help or tips are appreciated!



Martin, did you ever solve this? It appears to be an issue for other users (including myself) as well.