Chtml::listdata With Function Instead Of Attribute Not Working


I’m using Yii 1.1.13 and PHP 5.2.12 unfortunatley i cannot upgrade to php 5.3 at the Moment.

I need the listdata in a kind of:


Is there a way to achieve this without PHP 5.3?

The first Function needs a date to be compared and the second one just an ID.

I can’t use the Criteria for this, because my function returns additional Information for the User Depending on another Table. It count’s the Entries for a given Month.

Somebody got an Idea?


Instead of using CHtml::listData(), it might be easier to create a static method in the model to return the data in the required format.

    public static function getSelectOptions()


        // build and return array here


Baah, stupid me, sure! Thank you!