CHtml helper update

I think its time to update existing CHtml class and add some new html5-specific helpers, like its already done in RoR - emailField, rangeField, searchField etc. It could be nice to have these helpers in framework’s core.

I just wanted to second this. I’m starting a project with Yii to develop an internal system at my company to be used with an iPad and PC browsers and I’m excited to be using Yii. I think it would give Yii an additional advantage over other frameworks if HTML5 was supported this way.

I wanted to ask the same question on the forum, but after research i’ve found this topic. I’m working on a project where mobile support as email input types and search fields are required. In worst case i’m extending the CHtml and CActiveForm classes myself, but can a Yii developer inform us about the current status of supporting these html5 features?