Chtml::dateField not working in firefox

The CHtml::dateField not working with firefox.

Here is my code snip.

<?php echo $form->labelEx($campaigns, Yii::t("campaigns","start_date"),array("style"=>"margin:0 55px 5px 0")) ?>

<?php echo $form->radioButtonList($campaigns, "date_lists", $date_values, array("style"=>"float:left",'template'=>'<p>{input} {label}</p>','uncheckValue'=>NULL)) ?><br/>

<?php echo $form->dateField($campaigns,"start_date",array("style"=>"float:left;margin-left: 85px;width:120px")); ?><br/>

<?php echo $form->error($campaigns,'start_date'); ?>

Is there any alternative to use it with CActiveForm?

It seems it’s not that widely supported by other browsers.

Your safest bet is probably to use CJuiDatePicker instead.