Chtml::button Memory Leak

I have a page that is refreshed on an ajax timer which contains several Chtml::Button objects. I am seeing steady memory growth at each refresh cycle. If I remove these, the memory growth stops. How are controls, such as these best refreshed without the memory leakage??

could you paste the codes which about using CHtml::button method?

It appears it is related to using a background bitmap for the button. The resource is never released. If I use a standard button html definition, the leak is no longer there. It also appears that CTreeView exhibits the same issue. I am tracking that down also.

The call I am using is:

echo CHtml::button($name, array(‘submit’ => array ‘tekmonitor/controlclick’,‘id’=>$commandStream),‘type’=>‘submit’,

‘class’=>‘control’,‘style’=>'left: '.$left.‘px’));

The replacement call:

echo ‘<button type=button class=control style="left:’ .$left. ‘px"onclick=tekmonitor/controlclick id="’ .$commandStream. ‘">’ .$name. ‘</button>’;

CSS class



background: url(&quot;&#46;&#46;/images/unselectedbutton.gif&quot;) no-repeat center top; 

color: white;

font-size: 12px;

font-weight: 500;

position: absolute;

white-space: normal;

/*left: 225px;*/





You’re talking about a memory leak in PHP on the server or increased memory usage by the browser?

The browser

So maybe compare the HTML code produced by CHtml::button and yours that doesn’t increase the memory usage.