chtml::ajax and js:jQuery(this).serialize()


im trying to create a helper to avoid writing lots of codes

i cant get this to work

class M {

	public static function ajax($divId,$action,$data){





		'data'=>http_build_query($data).'js:jQuery(this).serialize()', //      'data'=>'js:jQuery(this).serialize()',  // only send element name, not whole form

		'type'=>'POST' ,

		'beforeSend' => 'function(){jQuery("#'.$divId.'").ajaxLoader();}',

		'complete' => 'function(){jQuery("#'.$divId.'").ajaxLoaderRemove();}',


		return $varJs;



always having the string " js:jQuery(this).serialize()" comming out on the received data!!

And what is the $data parameter?