CHtml::activeRadioButtonList and default radio checked

How can I say to Yii to check a radiobutton for default when the radiobutton list is rendered?

For activeDropDownList it’s easy, but I don’t see how to do it with radio button in the documentation.

use the activeRadioButton() it’s should check it automatically

<?php echo activeRadioButton($post, 'active'); ?>

where $post is the model and ‘active’ your attribute (database field)

Uhm no I’ve to specify which is the default value. Is there a way?

Couse the default value is in a attribute of another model.


$user->priority that use a activeRadioButtonList and the default value of activeRadioButtonList is in $user->config->priority

Up please :( How can I check an item for default using Yii?

If I understand your problem correctly:

Did you try

$user-setAttribute('priority', $user->config->priority)

before rendering the view?

Assuming $user->config refers to the same model instance.

(not tested)