Chromephp Logger

I am trying to display the output using ChromePhp::log(‘hello console’) in console but its not displaying anything. I have added the extension and re-install google chrome but then too its not working.

Initially it was working but when i updated my current Google chrome updates in Ubuntu 12.04 it stopped displaying in console.

I also tried in other systems where Google chrome version is not the same as mine, and its working fine there.

My current version is 28.0.1500.71.

I tried to download old version of Google chrome but could not find one.

Please help me.

thankyou in advance

ChromePhp had some hiccups in the beginning, but appears to be working pretty well now - be sure to grab the current dev/master version, and install manually.

Be sure to turn it on - it is off by default, and this is easy to miss, as there is hardly any difference in color between the grayed out (default) icon and slightly blue (when enabled).

I don’t personally want ChromePhp::log() calls in my codebase, so I wrote a basic CLogRoute for Yii that works okay for now - doesn’t have profiling and backtraces, but will display trace/error/log/warning messages in the Chrome console, including DB queries.