Chrome 105.0.5195.102 breaks YII application

Google rolled out an emergency security fix and now some of the JS behavior is not working as it was before. Anybody else having this problem?

This is one of the functions that is not working like it did before:

                function disableButton(elButton) {
                    let elForm = elButton.closest(':has(\"form\")').find('form:visible');
                    elForm.on('afterValidate', function(e) {
                        let errors = elForm.find('.has-error').length;
                        if (errors>0) elButton.attr('disabled', false);
                    elButton.attr('disabled', true);

I cannot find an info what they changed exactly. But it looks like even if the fix is the reason it does not break Yii, only this custom script, right?

Yes this was a custom script.

Could your issue be related to this Selector `:contains` within `:has` seems broken on Chrome · Issue #5098 · jquery/jquery · GitHub ?