Choosing type of web host for advanced template

Hello guys,

I’ve been working on my website for a while now. I’m ready to deploy but it’s my first time shopping for a web host. I’ve been searching for some time now and concluded that I would have to choose between those 3 types of host:

  • Shared host

  • VPS managed

  • VPS unmanaged

I would like to know what are your recommendations to deploy a Yii2 Advanced template app. I’m not using the backend part of the template for now but I will sometimes later. Also my app needs GD imaging.

Also got a question about unmanaged VPS. Will I have only the OS? Do I have to install the lamp stack, ftp server, phpmyadmin, smtp server, etc. or there is basic things normally included in an unmanaged VPS?

Thanks for your help.


Shared hosting is great. :)

Managed VPS is often too expensive because it rarely offers more than shared hosting.

Unmanaged VPS : yes, it is a bare machine upon which you need to install and configure every single bit.

I have used Dreamhost shared plan for years and have been happy.

Then, I moved to Dreamhost VPS and was disappointed to learn that it really didn’t offer much for the increased price: it is managed and without root access.

So, I wanted to end my relationship with Dreamhost.

Now I use Uberspace and it offers more features for less money.

My advice would be to aim for a shared host with shell access, sftp and ssh, and where you can choose what version of PHP you want to use.

You also need a shared host where you can easily set up virtual hosts and set the document root (Yii2 uses /web or frontend/web | backend/web).

I still recommend Dreamhost shared - it is a bargain, especially for web developers.