Choose Second Drop Down Value Depend On Above Selected


Am new in Yii.

I have a form in which I have two dropdown (1)skill type and (2)skill

Onchange of first (1)skill type, I want to load the second (2)skill dropdown.

But skill dropdown should contain values from DB whose skill_type is selected above.

in DB , I have :

Skill_Type table as:

skill_type_id skill_type

1 language

2 database

and Skill table as:

skill_id skill skill_type_id

1 c++ 1

2 c 1

3 SQL 2

so want to load skill dropdown values depend on Skill_type selected values.

currentluy I have just shown all values from skill table [which is wrong here]

<b>Skill Type :</b>


		$other_option =array('Other' => 'Other value');			

		$selectedOptions= CHtml::listData(SkillType::model()->findAll(array('order' => 'skill_type_id')),'skill_type_id','skill_type');

		$selectedOptions = array_merge( $selectedOptions, array( "Other" => "Other" )) ;	

		echo $form->dropDownList(SkillType::model(),'skill_type',$selectedOptions,


		); ?> 


	<div id='skill_info' style="display:none" class='form-row-new' >

		<div id='id_skill_name' onchange='load_other_skill()'>

			<b>Skill : </b>		


			$other_option = array('Other Skill'=>'Other Skill',);

			$skills_from_db=CHtml::listData(Skill::model()->findAll(array('order' => 'skill_id')),'skill_id','skill');


			echo $form->dropDownList(Skill::model(),'skill_id',$skills_from_db,$htmlOptions=array('id'=>'skill_name',));




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