Choose Database Engine


We are starting new project in scale of 3,000,000 of users and 60,000,000 records yearly.

there will be complex queries with join on tables to generate reports and/or check users history and limits while creating new record, we are currently on Yii2 and MySQL database,

but there is concern about MySQL performance and we have no clue how much MySQL is reliable in this scale of data.

We hope some experienced guy can give us advice about this.

Have you seen:

Normally for a large application I would use servlets, ejb’s, and jsp.

If you are concerned about it use SAP or MaxDB. But mysql isn’t the problem,

php and huge database and traffic don’t go together well.

You have to ask yourself, what setup does

  • Fedex

  • CH Robinson

  • JB Hunt

  • Sams Walmart logistics

  • etc

use? Then decide.

And why github markdown does not work here is beyond me.

Thanks for your reply.

Unfortunately none of your suggested solution is not available for us, since we live in Iran and unfair US goverment sanctions prevent American companies to sell service to Iran event start-up companies like us.

MySQL 8 has better performance and support for 100M rows or around 100MB/table and many optimizations.

Here’s a slide presentation Gabriela Ferrara put together for her talk at a conference she’s going to