Chive MySQL Manager

Chive is a new web-based MySQL database administration tool like phpMyAdmin. It supports all important operations on databases, tables, views, indices/keys, routines, triggers and data. Import/export functionality is also implemented.

The project is in development for almost a year. We released version 0.2.0 yesterday, which should be ready for use in a productive environment.

Screenshots and feature descriptions are available on the project homepage (, the download is available on Launchpad ( If you find bugs, please report them on Launchpad.

Thanks to all Yii developers for their great work on the framework!

That is very good work! I’m quite impressed. :blink:

I’m definitely gonna use it!

very very cool! I wanna see what you will do with 1.1.1 improvments :)

This looks very nice. Will try out soon.

I also must say that i am impressed on the work you guys have done on chive 0.2.0. I installed it, and it worked out of the box with no problems so far.

The code used in chive may be a good base for the development of the web-based crud/webapp Generator and Administration Tool. I can imagine an extension to chive that can generate the Models and Controllers right out of the SQL-Table you are looking at. So you can (almost) click your whole web-application together ;)

Thank you for chive - you will see that it was a good choice to use the yii framework. Both projects should become a symbiosis.

Hi there,

first thanks for sharing.

I download the latest version of Chive Project 0.4.0.

I have a problem in ajax, so I debug the error to what the problem using Firebug, the error is:


[Break On This Error] var data = JSON.parse(data);

please help me.

I try to deploy it on WampServer 2.0 but… after successful login and…

loading forever…

somebody know what happen?

you use Xamp please i try is successful


nice… share, delopy it, running, but i change my port my sql 3307? how i can change my port on Chive?

Chive works well, has-it-all, it’s fast and fresh. What can we desire more to admin our DBs?

I have to say that’s few years I was looking for an ajax alternative to replace phpmyadmin. And I have to say, now I found it! Ubi yii minor cessat.

chive is fast, untill you got 4 million records in a table

when running htop on or test server

dit 3 test, all 3 uncached

mysql in cli : we saw no changes in htop, too fast

phpmyadmin : we saw php-cgi pike for a milisecond but that’s it

chive : we saw mysql loading on a few rows for about 3 seconds

i asume AR and json is to blame for trying to load all those rows at once,

chive imo is far from ready to be used for big companies, the interface is nice and fast but the backen needs quiet some work,

i’ll try to post a full bechnmark against ppmyadmin soon

i think chive runs on a socket if it’s on localhost, otherwise try hostname:port

if that doesn’t work, well it’s yii, make it so it works on hostname:port

Maybe you can report this here as well so that the devs don’t miss it.

I have problem with Chive’s Relationship manager,

I think they should add a feature like PHP Myadmin so that it visualize the Relationships.