China's largest Yellow Pages By Yii1.17 powered

China’s largest Yellow Pages By Yii1.17 powered

Nginx+Yii 1.17+mongodb 1.8.2,Millions of data

Server Configuration:CentOs

Any Yii-specific quirks you’ve faced?

can you speak chinese?

Unfortunately, I can’t.

beautifull…can you share some technical details on mongodb integration and you expercine with it? planning to use NoSQL,still didn’t decide whether to go Cassandra, MongoDB or Membase

You can use yiimongodbsuite

Site is very slow for me, probably because it is hosted in China.

So nice!

Hi ,

Your site looks great!

Any idea how to build the view 企库网推荐企业 (with 9 squares), it looks neat and nice, and does it support pagination?

Thanks very much.

Looks nice :)

Interesting implementation.


加友情链接需要PR5? 开玩笑吧,你这个连PR1都没有。ip>30000? 我很难相信。


Just so so website.

呵呵 没说很牛哦。


至于广告嘛 当然应当放一些。要不然连服务器开支都要投老本哦。。


yiimongodbsuite is very slow

I would recommend a mix of yiimongodbsuite and working directly with mongoDB:

  • yiimongodbsuite is very useful if you have to work with models for CRUD operations and you need a UI.

  • for other stuff (listening, searching, atomic update …) I often use direct mongoDB operations/criteria.

mongoDB is so fast, I like it :slight_smile:

Thank you, I accept your proposal


is it true? :( i want to use it in my project , if don’t use it what should i do ;D

there are some ODM(Object Document Map)implements on the internet ,but don’t know if go well with yii.

some are from other php frameworks some are independent . like this morph

could you give some advice , you could talk Chinese to me , (不讲英语被人降分的 除非在中文频道 呵呵)

hi joblo : i v read your mongodb series extensions , and the cms module . great job!

your mean mix using both YMDS and the original php mongodb driver api together ? it make me feel the project goes mess :rolleyes: . in general when introduce some raw api (eg: mongodb driver for php),we should do a wrapper layer to it ,such when the lower layer api upgrade the change won’t spread to every where .it only affect to our thin wrapper layer . so how about building a thin layer on the both yiimongodbsuite and raw php mongodb driver api . any suggestions will be welcom :D

:lol: 项目不错 , 祝贺! 看到个词 就你用的那个 proposal 查了下字典 ,我以为你要接受abm的求婚呢 ???

just a joking