Checking / upgrading jQuery that ships with Yii

Hi there,

Is there any page here (or any other way) where can I check what is the most current version of jQuery that ships with newest release of Yii?

Yesterday I reported this bug on jQuery bug tracker, but it turned out that it affects only jQuery 1.4.2 (or bellow) currently on board my yii-1.1.4.r2429. Newer versions (up 1.4.4 - current stable release of jQuery) have this error fixed (you can test it here).

If it this case or any other it would turned out that jQuery that comes with Yii is not up-to-date, what is the quickest (best practice) to prevent Yii loading internal version of jQuery and replace it with own one?

You can chek the SVN for changes… -

There is always a line in changelog.txt that mentions the update to latest jQuery version…

When the new version of Yii is released, it’s released with the latest jQuery version…

As for not loading custom jQuery that was posted already many times in the forum :)