Checking If A View File Exists Automatically Before Rendering


I have this simple module in which the last paramter in the clean url i assumed to be the view filename. It is convenient in that case that each URL (in that module) has its own view file.

When someone makes a mistake on the URL, I want a CHttpException 404 to be thrown, and not a CException, which is the case if CController.render() doesn’t find the view file.

Since on every webapp there’s a shared controller, Controller, that can be customized, I’ve customized mine to achieve the above need. Here’s the code snippet:

// Controller class:


 	* Checks if given view filename exists for 'this' controller.

 	* @param string $view_filename basename of the view filename, with no 'file extension' (just as you'd pass to 'render()')

 	* @return bool exists or not.


	public function isViewFileExists($view_filename) {

		if (!is_readable($this->getViewPath() . '/' . $view_filename . '.php')) {

			return false;


		return true;



 	* Renders a view with a layout.

 	* This method overrides parent one to introduce check on the view file and throw a 404 in case it doesn't.

 	* For complete documentation of this method please see parent implementation.


 	* @param string $view name of the view to be rendered. See {@link getViewFile} for details

 	* about how the view script is resolved.

 	* @param array $data data to be extracted into PHP variables and made available to the view script

 	* @param boolean $return whether the rendering result should be returned instead of being displayed to end users.

 	* @return string the rendering result. Null if the rendering result is not required.

 	* @throws CHttpException


	public function render($view, $data = null, $return = false) {

		if (!$this->isViewFileExists($view)) {

			Yii::log("Error: view file doesn't exists: " . $this->getViewPath() . '/' . $view, CLogger::LEVEL_ERROR, __METHOD__);

			throw new CHttpException(404);


		return parent::render($view, $data, $return);


nice sharing ! :lol: thanks

may be should check if use another viewRender . if so the view file extension normally is not "php" (tpl,twig…)

Yes, you’re definitely right. I thought about it too but since this is not a robust extension that I’ve released, but rather some code snippet, I’ve decided to ‘leave this as a home-assignment to the students’…