Checkboxlist Options

I am trying to use a ActiveField checkboxlist,

for example i can fill in the values by checkboxlist(array(‘PHP’,‘MySQL’,‘Javascript’)) , and it lists all these three values in my form,

but what if i want the checkbox for PHP to be checked as the form loads? how do i give the selection parameter?

It’s right there in the docs.

string checkboxList( $name, $selection = null, $items = [], $options = [] )

The second parameter should be an array of selected values.

What you have specified, is the parameters for using HTML Helper checkboxlist, what i want to use is the ActiveForm checkboxwidget.

Let me explain my scenario in detail :

in my case, i have an array called "list" which has the names of languages which will be rendered out as checkboxlist, now i am able to do that, but i want the check boxes to be checked as the form loads.

$list = [0 => 'PHP', 1 => 'MySQL', 2 => 'Javascript'];

$list2 = [0,2];

using the following line, i am able to acheive what i want using HTML helper classes :

<?= Html::checkboxList('CuisineId',$list2,$list); ?>

but i want to be able to do this using the Activeform Widget CheckboxList, which as per documentation is to be used in the following way :

static checkboxList( $items, $options = [] )

So in my case, i have figured how to pass the parameter for $items, which is in the following way:

<?= $form->field($record, 'CuisineId')->checkboxlist($list);?> 

But now i do not know how to pass the parameters that will allow the checkboxes to be checked.

$record->CuisineId = $list2;

Oh my god, was that so simple…wow, well it shows i haven’t got all the concepts right into my head…so much learning to do…anyways THANKS A LOT ORey!!