CheckBoxColumn:id not available in Controller

Hi guys, following code will show empty array for chekckBoxColumns in Controller.Any ideas, what I do wrong?Here is code of GridView

 'document']);?><p> 	'btn btn-info', 'title' => 'Mails erstellen']) ?> 	'btn btn-warning', 'title' => 'Mails erstellen']) ?> 	'button_checkBoxes', 'title' => 'Löscht alle ausgewählten Mails']); ?> 	'button-own_I search-button']) ?></p>..$gridColumn = [..    [        'class' => '\kartik\grid\CheckboxColumn', 'checkboxOptions' => function($model) {            return ['value' => $model->id];        },    ],];?> request->post('selection');        var_dump($checkbox);        die();        if (empty(($checkbox)) && (isset($_POST['button_checkBoxes']))) {            $session->addFlash("warning", "Selektieren sie die zu löschenden Mails über die Checkboxen");            return $this->redirect(['/mail/mail-eingang/index']);        }    }

Use debug to see what $_POST contains or do var_dump($Yii::$app->request->post());

Following code

        print_r("var_dump of post:<br>");


        print_r("<br><br>var_dump of POST[button_checkBoxes]:<br>");


        print_r("<br><br>var_dump of post(selection):<br>");



will give me following result:

var_dump of post:

array(3) { ["_csrf-frontend"]=> string(88) "zYK2HFpJ1b4akutUxBcEI6V8xQnSlx0pyz3XZCHUxlSr185GOyKQ0nTfxhaHdmxG_R6OPLWgbHj5aZYPa-2iYw==" ["button_checkBoxes"]=> string(0) "" ["MailEingangSearch"]=> array(5) { ["id"]=> string(0) "" ["mail_adresse_absender"]=> string(0) "" ["betreff"]=> string(0) "" ["bodytext"]=> string(0) "" ["gelesen"]=> string(0) "" } }

var_dump of POST[button_checkBoxes]:

string(0) ""

var_dump of post(selection):


And now?? How could this help me fixing my problem. need help for this!

You need create field in MailEingangSearch. For example MailEingangSearch::$checkboxes.

And past this name to CheckboxColumn:

\kartik\grid\CheckboxColumn::class, [

  'name' => 'MailEingangSearch[checkboxes]'


Or as model:

\kartik\grid\CheckboxColumn::class, [

  'model' => $yourMailEingangSearchModel,

  'attribute' => 'checkboxes'


Solved problem without using CheckBoxColumn. Nevertheless, Thx for ur efforts helping me!