Checkbox with CListView and ajax

Hey all,

i’m messing around with a little problem. My idea is to have filtering on a db result listed with CListView. This is working and my filtering with text and selectboxes is working so far. The view gets refreshed and is based on the search string and the selectboxes. Only thing that is not working is when i untick the last selectbox. The ListView does not get updated, when i submit the page then it is. Even when i call an extra $.fn.yiiListView.update its not updated from the javascript. With the string search it is working… When unticking the last selectbox the page is reloading (little thing going around) but the result is not updated.

Little piece of the javascript doing the selectboxes, its the same as my search string javascript except for the click(function() as its .keyup on the string search.


    category = $('.categoryFilter').serialize();


    ajaxUpdateTimeout = setTimeout(function ()






            data: category



       return false;

     }, 300);

I’ve been following this page CListView ajax filtering

In the comments more people are having the problem but no solution yet.

Thanks for your help.