Checkbox Stops On 98

Ok , now I ran into a serious issue:

Instead of Yii’s CgridView , I’m using the selGridView extension.

The main reason I use it is because the normal grid,when using pagination, is not saving the checked rows from previous pages (‘history’=>true didn’t worked)

So far so good.

However , now I put 220 people in the grid , and wanted to check them all , after page 10 , the rows are not being saved as checked anymore (and the last 2 from page 10)

In other words , selGridView saves only 98 records.

Now , selGridView is passing the checked ids into the URL , does it have to do something with the limit?

Any ideas? ? ?

can you make sure all the checkboxes are having the same array name?

Not sure I understood your question. . .

The checkboxes belongs to the checkboxcolumn of the grid.