Checkbox for each object in array


I am getting an array of objects from my findAll method. Now I want to render a checkbox for each object inside the array. Is there already a way with Yii?

I saw checkboxList but this is not what I am looking for, as I do not want to have multiple selects!!


$model = $category->descendants()->findAll();


echo $form->checkboxListRow($model, 'name',



                  	'class' => 'root-category',



The code from the view is not working quite well, as I am having multiple selects :( The goal with this checkboxes is to filter a gridview based on the selection of the checkboxes. Thats why I cannot have multiple selections!

Thanks in advance.

And what’s about a radioButtonList?

use radioButtonList…

Ah ok. Didn’t think about this. That works for me.