Checkbox don't work

(Rcastaneda) #1

Hello everyone,

We are having a problem in one of the pages of our website. This page displays a table with all pending for approval requests for extra points of employees. This table is available only for supervisors. The problem is that when supervisors have over 62 request, the checkbox on request 63 and on doesn’t work. We are able to select them, but when the supervisor clicks approve or deny, nothing happens. The page gets refreshed and the requests remains in the table. If we select and approve or deny anything under request 62 it works fine.

I’ve read about it and most often is recommended to do pagination, but in this case, the company doesn’t want to do pagination. They want to keep a single page for this table.

Any ideas on how to fix this issue.

Thanks a lot in advance.

(Bizley) #2

Maybe check this php.ini setting max_input_vars

(Yiiframework) #3

How are you saving the data? POST or GET?

(Rcastaneda) #4

The data is being saved with _POST.

I check the article, don’t know if any of those variables will make a difference. I just tried modifying max_input_vars but nothing changed. Still same behavior. I’ll keep reviewing the article.

thanks in advance for all your help.

(Rcastaneda) #5

Actually, now that I had more time I was able to play more with the php.ini file.

I modified the following variables:

max_input_nesting_leve =64


Both of them were commented out ";", but those are the default values for those variables. 64 seemed like a pretty close number to the number we were having problems with. I uncommented and increased both of them. Restarted the server.

And the website works like a charm again.

thanks Bizley for pointing me in the correct direction.

I hope this helps someone.

thank you.