Check, if jQuery has been published, and getting path to this asset

For a very specific reason / situation (using second view inside IFRAME in parent view – discussed here) I don’t want to (or even can’t) register jQuery or any other JS script (that is already registered in main view), because IE gets totally wako on this.

But since I’m using view-in-view, I’m pretty sure that jQuery has already been published into assets folder and made available for the application.

But “pretty sure” doesn’t mean “100% sure”! :] So, is there any way I can check, if jQuery (and/or other scripts) has been published by assetsManager?

And, if so – what is the path to jQuery file (to be able to add it to internal view, that can’t register scripts itself)?

I know, that the fastest way to make sure, a script has been published, is actually publishing it, but for the reasons discussed in mentioned topic, this is not an option for me in this particular situation.

More time spent on writing then on searching! :]


should do the trick.

As for checking, if core scripts has been published, I think one needs to simply check, if this variable is empty? I’m not sure, if such situation can ever appear? I wasn’t able to find any page in my application, where core scripts wouldn’t be published! :]

I’d like to know how to check already registered core scripts too