Check If Exists Any Row

I have such request

 $categories=  OosCategory::model()->with('oosItems')->findAllByAttributes(array('menu_id'=>$menu_id));

I know that OoCategory is exists, but i need to know if exists even if one record in oosItems, is it some way to make it fast in Yii, or i need check every OoCategory row?


Do you want to load OosCategory when exists at least one oosItems ?

No, OosCategory always load, i need to know if exists any items for any category,

there is no sense to show categories if there is no items.

If I understood well you want only OosCategories that has items. So,

$categories = OosCategory::model()->with('oosItems')->findAll('condition'=>'menu_id=:menu_id AND','params'=>array(':menu_id'=>$menu_id));

whre is the primary key of OosCategories and oosItems.fk_id the foreign key on the OosCategories